Olio Nuovo: Olive Oil Season in Italia!

If you are ever in Italy in November and have a chance to help out a few days picking olives, don’t hesitate. It is gentle, meditative work. As the picking is done in small groups, it is a social occasion to chat, exchange local lore, crack jokes and gossip, but mostly it gives you a real idea how much toil goes into a bottle of olive oil. Read more »

Two Names, One Land: A Visit to Alto Adige

Autumn is the perfect time to visit the beautiful mountain region of Alto Adige or Suedtirol and to see and experience a different Italy. This stunningly beautiful land was lost from Austria and became part of Italy in 1919 after WW I. Still 90 years later German is widely and proudly spoken, the schools are bilingual, just as all road signs are. Read more »