How To Make Real Lasagne Bologna Style.

When it comes to delicious, authentic Italian food, few dishes are more loved around the world than lasagne, and here’s how you can make the real Italian original according to Giallo Zafferano. Now this recipe is for true Lasagne Bolognese, which may or may not resemble the lasagne you’re used […] Read more »

Tiramisu “Cinque”

There are as many versions of Tiramisu as there are Italian cooks. Everyone seems to have their favorite recipe, some using liqueur, some not; others using just the yolk of the egg vs. both the whites and yolks. And then there is the controversy of how "wet" to make the Savoiardi biscuits or ladyfingers. This recipe was given to eyeItalia by Cristina Giorgi, a beautiful and multi-talented Tuscan lady. She calls it "Tiramisu Cinque" because she uses quantities of "five" for many of the ingredients. Read more »