How To Make Fresh Egg Pasta Mamma Style

Everyone loves Italian food, but there’s nothing quite like fresh, homemade pasta to make a meal really special. The problem is that most people think they don’t have the time, so they settle for the boring old dried stuff. Well, the truth is that you can easily make fresh pasta at home, quickly, easily and best of all, cheaply.

Making pasta
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The Simple ingredients.

Making fresh egg pasta only requires a few ingredients, making it possible for you to make true Italian style fresh pasta just like mamma used to. No matter what type of pasta you want, the recipe is the same, so you can try your hand at creating fresh ravioli, tortellini, lasagna, or whatever else your heart desires.

The amount of dough you’ll need to make depends on how many people you’re feeding, as the general rule of thumb is to use just over 80 grams of flour and one egg per person. So to make enough fresh pasta to feed a family of four, you’ll want to use 320 grams of flour, 4 eggs and nothing else.

When making fresh pasta, you’ll need a clean work surface, as you’ll be mixing the dough right on the counter, but it is best to use a wooden surface. After cleaning and drying your countertop, start by pouring the flour into a pile, then making a large well or indentation in the center to hold the eggs.

Next, crack the eggs into a separate bowl then gently pour them into the well and add the salt. Then take a fork and start gently beating the eggs, making sure to keep the flour into a pile until the eggs are fully beaten. Now you’ll want to take the fork and gradually mix the flour into the eggs until it’s becomes thick enough it won’t run out.

At this point, you can start to use your hands to knead the remaining flour into the eggs. Don’t worry if it seems runny to start with, as it takes some time to get all the flour fully mixed in. Once everything is fully incorporated, it’s time to start kneading the dough with the heel of your hand. Press down firmly on the dough, then turn the ball, fold it in half and repeat this process for at least fifteen minutes until your dough is completely smooth.

When your dough is ready…

After your dough is kneaded, it’s time to make whatever type of pasta you want. For this step, you have many different options, again based on the type of fresh pasta you’re making. For some types of pasta “such as ravioli “all you need is a rolling pin, although having a pasta press or roller makes it much easier.

There are a huge number of different pasta makers and attachments out there that can help you turn your homemade pasta dough into any one of the many pasta shapes and styles out there. So why not get creative and experiment. True authentic Italian food usually uses a specific type of pasta for each dish and this handy, easy to make recipe allows you to make the real thing in the comfort of your own home.

La Máquina para hacer la Pasta Fresca de Imperia
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