Fabris Venezia

img_2696_fabris.jpgA third-generation business, Fabris was founded in 1926 by Margherita Fabris, grandmother of the present owners Nicoletta, Mario and Giovanni Fabris. In its early years Fabris employed around 400 workers in Venice who produced embroidery by hand in a studio on the Calle Stella. In the following years several stores, all still in existence, were established in various parts of the city. The company’s headquarters have been in the Piazza San Marco since 1934. Fabris’ own production continued until 1975, when it became impossible to produce embroidery within the city due to changing times and a scarcity of workers. Since that time the company’s aim has been to continue to provide beautiful and classic Italian linens, embroidery and tapestries, either special order or ready-made, working in tandem with outsourced Italian craftsmen. Fabris remains a family operation to this day, striving to maintain the Venetian style, taste and quality that have always characterized their goods.

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