Giorgio Pecchioni, Master Alabaster Artisan

Giorgio Pecchioni has been crafting imaginative works of art from alabaster since 1984. His hometown, Volterra, is located in the beautiful heart of Tuscany, renowned for its mining and artistic production of alabaster. Read more »

When Banking Meant Beauty: The Medicis

All of this thanks to the Medici of Florence, the richest family to have ever existed. They came from nothing, butin less than two centuries became Europe’s most important banking family, whose wealth was estimated to be larger than that of the rest of the world combined. The most famous Medici ever is perhaps Lorenzo il Magnifico, the patron of the Renaissance, one of the greatest poets and philosophers and definitely the most successful politician, diplomat and businessman of the XV century. His life and mentality can be summed up with one of his most famous verses: Read more »

A Treasure Trove of Italian Ceramics

Our friends at Ciao Bella Italy ( offer an extensive selection of authentic Italian ceramics and pottery from all regions of Italy. From small gifts and dinnerware, to fountains and urns, Ciao Bella has something beautiful for everyone. Below is a sampling of their hundreds of belle cose; visit them […] Read more »

Italianissimo by Louise Fili and Lise Apatoff

What is it about Italy that inspires passion, fascination, and utter devotion? This quirky and delightful guide to the Italian way of life, written by two talented Italophiles, answers that question while entertaining both real and armchair travelers. Organized in fifty witty mini-essays on iconic Italian subjects, ranging from insulting […] Read more »