A Quick Guide On Train Travel To Italy

A Quick Guide on Train Travel to Italy Italy, the home of Botticelli and Michelangelo, has something to offer even the most discerning tourist. There is something on Italian soil for everyone. People travel to Italy for the fine wine, delicious food (especially the ice cream), and of course the culture. It is a country bursting at the seams with art, architecture and wonderful scenery. The people are friendly, the olives delicious and the Chianti is superb. So how many more reasons do you need to buy some train tickets to Italy this year?

It’s a Long Drive to Italy

In ideal conditions, it would take you around 20 hours to drive from northern England to Rome if you were to do the trip non-stop. Clearly that would be impossible unless you had a co-driver who was happy to jump in the driving seat when you needed a break and nobody felt the need for a toilet stop en-route. Indeed, it is possible to drive all the way from England to Italy and plenty of people do the journey on a regular basis, but don’t underestimate the strain of driving all that way if you are not used to driving long distances. Realistically, you would need to stop overnight somewhere to break up the journey, which would add more to the overall price of the trip.

Catch the Train to Italy Instead

It doesn’t matter which way you look at —travelling to Italy by rail is a far better option than driving (or flying). European high-speed trains are incredibly efficient and there are even sleeper trains if you would rather do the bulk of the mileage while you snooze. To begin with, catch the Eurostar to Paris for as little as £69 return. From Paris, you have a number of different choices depending on where you want to go, but one option is to catch a high-speed TGV train to Milan. It’s the cheapest way to reach Italy from the UK and if you catch an early morning Eurostar service from St Pancras you can be in Milan by the evening, rested and relaxed. Alternatively, catch the Eurostar to Paris and then pick up the overnight Thello sleeper train to Milan, or if you want to travel a bit further south, Venice. As long as you are happy without a private berth, it won’t cost any more than the TGV.

Reasons to Travel by Train to Italy

There are a number of reasons why buying train tickets to Italy is to be highly recommended. For one thing, train travel is a lot cheaper than flying unless you are able to find a really cheap air ticket deal on a budget airline. For another, train travel is infinitely more relaxing than any other mode of transport. Trains are fast and economical. You can enjoy bags of leg room and you are free to wander around during the journey. The scenery is also fantastic on the route to Italy, particularly if you take one of the more picturesque routes through the Swiss Alps.

Travel in Luxury

If money is no object and you want 5* train tickets to Italy, consider travelling on the Venice Simplon Orient Express. Tickets on the Orient Express don’t come cheap at nearly £2,000 per person (approximately $3315 USD) for a one-way trip, but it truly is a trip of a lifetime. Train tickets bought in advance will always be cheaper, so book ahead for the best deals.

About the Author:

Anna Lua is a huge fan of train travel. She has recently travelled all the way to Florence by train and found it to be an amazing experience. She arrived in Florence relaxed and ready to see the sights—Botticelli’s Venus de Milo at the Uffizi was as wonderful as she knew it would be.

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  1. Bruce says:

    Thanks for this valuable comment; many people think that trains are not a good way of travel in Italy. Because it is too costly but I think Italy’s trains are cheap as compared to surrounding countries. If you want to travel between cities then train will be the easier, faster and the cheaper way of transportation.